Our pets enjoy being outside, but sometimes they bring in more of the outdoors than we, as pet owners, would like. We know our dogs get wet, dirty, and smelly and transfer this to surfaces that are not always the easiest to clean. One such surface is your pet’s bed. How often should a pet’s bed be washed and what can be done proactively to reduce unwanted odors? Most people would agree that it is important to have a pet bed with a machine-washable removable cover to cut down on allergens and odor-causing bacteria that our pets bring into our homes every day.

CopperPet has created a copper-infused, odor-resistant dog bed with a cover that is not only machine washable but is also a natural anti-microbial. Your pet’s bed can be a bacteria breeding ground and washing your dog’s bed every week or two, as recommended, can become an overwhelming chore. However, copper helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold; so, you will find your dog bed to be odor resistant for a longer period of time.

Extensive research has proven that copper acts as a “super protector” to help eliminate a bacterium that builds up on surfaces, including pet beds. When the copper embedded in our dog beds encounters the bacteria left behind from our pets, the copper ions weaken the outer membrane of the bacteria cell. This process is called oxidation. Eventually, the copper ion causes the bacteria cell to rupture, losing its vital structure and the cell dies.

CopperPet created each of their pet beds to include four layers of protection! The first and outer most layer of CopperPet pet beds are made from copper-infused Sherpa. New technology blends a specific concentration of copper into the fibers of the Sherpa dog bed topper. When this technology is applied to the fibers of the dog bed, as opposed to being applied topically, it remains effective even when the pet bed is repeatedly laundered in high temperatures or with high pH detergents. Meaning it will not wash or rub off!

Beyond the first layer of copper infused Sherpa, there are three inner layers of CopperPets’ pet beds. The second layer is a waterproof membrane that shields moisture from penetrating the subsequent third layer, which is memory foam. This added protection can decrease the chances of mildew growing within the memory foam of your dog’s bed. CopperPet has also infused copper into this third memory foam layer to kill unwanted odors at the source. Using specific memory foam in each of their pet beds, CopperPet incorporates a unique comfort zone system with an open cell structure. This technology allows the dog bed to contour to your pet’s body for long-lasting alleviation. The fourth and final layer of the pet bed is a durable non-slip pad to ensure the bed stays where you want it.

Take your pet hiking or for a swim in the lake, knowing your pets can sleep as hard as they play without the unwanted build up of allergens or pathogens. As responsible pet parents, we understand having a machine washable pet bed with a removable cover is important in keeping a clean and safe environment for your home and family. Thanks to CopperPet, we can spend less time cleaning and more time playing with our four-legged friends.