Home from a big adventure? It is almost as if you can see the odor rise from your dog’s bed as microscopic bacteria and allergens fill the air landing in every area of your home. We understand your pet seeks the comfort of their pet bed when they get soaked, filthy, and soiled. Unfortunately, your dog’s bed can be a breeding ground for pathogens like mildew and fungus which can cause odor in the home. So, let’s get down to business removing these unwanted pathogens residing deep within your pet bed. You probably agree that it is important to have a machine washable dog bed with a removable cover to cut down on allergens and odor-causing bacteria that our pets bring into our homes every day. CopperPet has created an incredibly unique copper-infused pet bed that not only has a machine-washable cover but is naturally anti-odor. Additionally, because this dog bed is odor-resistant, you will find your pet’s bed along with your home to be odor free for a much longer period of time.

What makes a CopperPet bed odor-resistant? Within the outer layer of CopperPet dog beds, there is a precious metal embedded into the Sherpa fleece fabric cover, copper! Widespread research has confirmed that copper acts as an “inhibitor” to eradicate bacteria and microbes that build up on surfaces, including your pet’s bed. When the copper is woven into the fibers of the dog bed, compared to being sprayed on the outside of the pet bed, it remains effective even after the dog bed is frequently washed.

CopperPet fashioned each of their pet beds to be composed of four layers of defense against unwanted bacteria and mildew buildup. The first and outermost layer of the CopperPet dog bed is the removable cover which is made from copper-infused Sherpa. The Sherpa fabric has a long-established reputation to disperse your pet’s body temperature throughout the entire pet bed. Inside the first layer of copper-infused Sherpa, there are three more layers to CopperPet dog beds. The second layer is the impermeable waterproof membrane that will shield both water and sweat, which can reduce the possibility of mildew growing inside the memory foam of your dog’s bed. The third layer in each of their pet beds incorporates a unique comfort zone system with exceptional memory foam made up of an open-cell structure. This technology allows the dog bed to contour to your pet’s body for long-lasting alleviation. The fourth and final layer of these popular pet beds is a durable non-slip pad.

After your pet’s next outdoor adventure, they can seek the comfort of their pet bed without the unwanted odor-producing buildup of mildew, fungus, and bacteria. These pathogens can be harmful to your pet and hazardous to your family. Thanks to CopperPet’s new copper-infused, odor-resistant pet bed, you can spend more time resting comfortably with your four-legged friends!